Continuing Education

Paragon uses a formal analytical process called the Repayment Analysis Framework that incorporates risk identification.

Each individual course addresses a specific area of the framework and builds a set of skills. The emphasis is on recommending and communicating the final credit decision by utilizing Paragon’s standard analytical process. Each Paragon course can be taken individually or can be combined to create a comprehensive training program. Participation is encouraged through case studies, break-outs for small-group exercises and a interactive instruction. Programs and case studies can be customized to be consistent with a bank’s specific credit terminology, analytical approach, and credit culture.

We offer credit training programs in the following topics:

Commercial Lending

Superior commercial lending skills are critical to the success of a bank since it is such a significant portion of the bank’s lending portfolio.

Real Estate Lending

Paragon’s Real Estate Lending course highlights the fundamentals lenders need to be aware of if they are involved in real estate lending in a regulated US financial institution.

Private Banking

Many lenders place some, if not all, weight in a credit decision on the strength of the personal financial position of the principals. Paragon’s Personal Lending curriculum highlights issues that lenders need to be aware of when working with high-worth individuals.

Paragon Analysis

Paragon Analysis Corp. specializes in the development, design and instruction of training programs for lending professionals at domestic and international banks.

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