Entry-Level Credit Training

Evaluating Credit Risk is a 14-day credit risk analysis training program for entry-level lenders. The curriculum is a rigorous combination of lectures, case studies and after class assignments which analyze actual credit situations.

The Evaluating Credit Risk program teaches participants to write credit analyses and, for its final requirement, has each participant analyze a credit and write a credit recommendation using the sponsoring bank's format. The analysis is then evaluated and the results are forwarded both to the participant and to the sponsoring bank. This program has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to an in-house bank credit training program.

This course provides new lenders with the skills necessary to efficiently analyze a credit and concisely communicate the risks associated with underwriting a credit transaction. The case studies have a specific market focus: corporate, middle market, or community banking.

Continuing Education

Paragon uses a formal analytical process called the Repayment Analysis Framework that incorporates risk identification. Each individual course addresses a specific area of the framework and builds a set of skills. The emphasis is on recommending and communicating the final credit decision by utilizing Paragon’s standard analytical process.

Each Paragon course can be taken individually or can be combined to create a comprehensive training program. Participation is encouraged through case studies, break-outs for small-group exercises and a interactive instruction. Programs and case studies can be customized to be consistent with a bank’s specific credit terminology, analytical approach, and credit culture.

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